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Creative minds are constantly inspiring and being inspired by the world around them—photos, individuals, ideas, films, stories and shared experiences. The Coolest Thing I Saw Today is a platform for people to share those cool ideas and things they find inspiring.

But what is cool? For our team, it depends on who you ask.

The Williams/Gerard community is a creative communications agency made up of producers, creative directors, scenic designers, graphic designers, video producers, writers, technologists and many other creative individuals. United by a common purpose, our people are what make us unique. Each of us sees the world differently and finds inspiration in different places. While some of us embrace thought-provoking books, others prefer imagery that evokes emotion. By bringing together these varying perspectives, we create a dynamic environment that elevates ideas and stretches the imagination.

Powered by W/G, The Coolest Thing I Saw Today aims to create this same environment on a larger scale. We want to encourage people to share what inspires them, both online and offline, and to contribute to the larger creative conversation of what they think is cool, innovative, thought provoking and inspiring. Cool cannot be defined by one statement or one team. Cool is defined by each of us, and it is through the art of sharing that we are able to learn something new, discover a different view, and be a part of something bigger.

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