DECEMBER 11, 2015

The American City

the american city from Matthew James Thompson on Vimeo.

“I’ve always been inspired by the Depression Era photography of Walker Evans and his portrayal of a changing America. Today many American cities are in a similar stage of transition and I was struck by how different the landscapes must have looked just a few years ago. As the trees and plants grow up from the crumbling foundations it’s as if they’re being swallowed back up by the Earth.”

Production Company: North of New York []
Written by: Adam Cote & Matthew James Thompson
Produced by: William Crouse
Directed by: Matthew James Thompson []
Director of Photography: Mikey Van Beuren []
Starring: Jonathan West
Editor: Cory Zapatka
Color: Carlos Flores []
Music: Ryan Whittier []
Sound Design: Josh Wilson
Archival Footage: The Prelinger Archives

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