AUGUST 8, 2012

A 100-Year History Of Athletic World-Records

From Fast Co.Design:

Athletes seem to get better every year, but every year is not full of world records. A world record takes something special–a combination of superior training (aided by everything from camera systems to better understood diets), superior competitive technology (consider the now-banned synthetic swimsuits) and, of course, divine athleticism (the utter freaks of nature like Michael Phelps).

It’s a point that’s fascinatingly explored in this interactive infographic by GE and R/GA. Each dot represents a world record placed in a summer game of that year, from swimming to javelin throw. And over time, these dots tell a clear story: We do indeed set more world records over time, but some years are much bigger than others.

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Submitted by David Cushing

(via Fast Co.Design, Image: S.Pytel/Shutterstock)

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