JUNE 26, 2012

UNIQLO Dry Mesh Project on Pinterest

They have some smart and creative people over there at Uniqlo and FirstBorn. Check out how the two partnered up to spark some life into your daily Pinterest scroll.

From Creativity Online:

Uniqlo and FirstBorn team up for a project that owns Pinterest — literally.

To wake Pinterest users from a scrolling slumber, the agency created 100 separate shell Pinterest accounts that pinned images simultaneously. As users scrolled through their favorite categories, they came across all the images, which combined to create giant blocks that “animated” when scrolled through.

The giant branded mosaic can be seen by Pinterest users whether or not they follow the Uniqlo brand page. The project targets five categories on which mosaics will appear: men’s apparel, women’s apparel, geek, fitness and sports.

(via Creativity Online)

And if you thought that was cool–take a look at a similar execution on Smart Argentina’s Twitter account. Go HERE and then hold the “J” key on your keyboard down to watch the car animate through their scrolling tweets.


(via Creative Review)

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