JUNE 18, 2012

norwegian wild reindeer centre pavilion

From @leamernyc:

I find this incredibly original combination of organic shapes, design and materials with the clean, modern geometry of this space to be breathtaking. I imagine from inside the space, the viewers must have a sense of time stopping. What better way to truly appreciate the majestic wonder of nature in which it is situated.

From Design Boom:

The recently completed ‘norwegian wild reindeer centre pavilion’ in dorve, norway by oslo-based practice snøhetta has been shortlisted by the world architecture festival for an award in the display category. The 90 square meter observation pavilion is positioned within the dovrefjell-sunndalsfjella national park, the remaining home to wild reindeer herds. Perched upon a plateau at an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level, the structure provides transient visitors with panoramic vistas of the prominent snøhetta mountain range.

Submitted by @leamernyc

Photos via Klaas Van Ommeren, Jan Olav Storli, and Snøhetta

(via Design Boom via Snøhetta)

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