JUNE 18, 2012

Artobots Audio Tour Hack

From the Artobots website:

Artobots is an Audio Tour Hack of the John Chamberlain exhibition at the Guggenheim New York that reimagines it as an exhibition about the Transformers…

Commissioned by Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, and inspired by the late John Chamberlain,world-renowned American sculptor, this exhibition celebrates the Decepticon’s annihilation of their archenemies, the Autobots, on February 24th, 2028 A.D. Each piece is artfully crafted from the wreckage of the fallen Autobot army. Presented here for the first time at the resplendent Solomon
R. Guggenheim Museum, one thing is certain… there is more to this exhibition than meets the eye.

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Submitted by @eread77

(via Audio Tour Hack)


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