JUNE 5, 2012

VIDEO: Ste-Justine Hospital’s Musical Wall

From Fast Co.Design’s “Musical Wall Makes Children’s Hospital A Little Less Sucktastic”:

If you’ve spent any time in a hospital, you know that the environment doesn’t feel so conducive to healing. Here you have someone who’s very sick, and they’re surrounded by green lighting, constant beeping, the stench of ammonia, and bright biohazard signs. For an adult it’s horrible, but for a child? It must be horrifying.

Yet at Montreal’s CHU Ste-Justine Hospital, there’s at least one spot where being in the hospital isn’t so bad. It’s a colorful, interactive music wall by Moment Factory–a multimedia company that collaborates with artists like Madonna, MIA, and Arcade Fire. Here, without any ability to read sheet music, a child can draw shapes on a projected screen that will play back as a melody.

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(via Fast Co.Design)

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